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Strategic Stage Designs: 5 Real-Life Examples

Strategic Stage Designs: 5 Real-Life Examples

We love to help our clients create impactful events, whether it’s with cutting-edge technology or meaningful attendee interaction, Meeting Tomorrow believes in seizing the opportunity of getting your important message across. A great space to take advantage of is the one spot where everyone is looking — the stage (optional *jazz hands*).

Based on our experience and past events we’ve produced, we’ve pulled together some pointers to keep in mind when building out your stage design.

Utilize and Highlight Unique Venue Characteristics

The existing brick walls in the below photo had the potential to make the event feel basement-y, but instead, the stage design flips it around and the walls are an asset. Exposed truss paired with the brick walls create a cool, industrial feel to the dual-screen setup. Lighting the truss with battery operated LED uplights in the event colors pulls the eye in and makes a bold statement. Are you ready to rock?!

strategic stage design

Set the Mood

In this tri-screen setup the hard set design surrounds the wide screens to create a sleek, clean feel. In case you’re wondering, the hard set is made up of three-dimensional tiles called moddim tiles/panels. The modern look is enhanced with uplighting in sunny colors to create a warm ambiance that transports the audience to the desert. Sweltering heat not included.

tri-screen setup event

Stand Out With Set Design

Want to put stuff onstage? Pass on the inflatable flailing tube man (they’re called skydancers!) and instead opt for something like the lightboxes seen below. The grid and frosted finish on the set pieces give the stage some gravitas, while still adding balance and a great looking background. The colored lights in the lightboxes can be customized, matching your event’s look or creating a dynamic scenic change between presenters. Additionally, lightboxes come in a wide range of sizes and finishes, so the options are endless.

event stage ideas

Create Contrast

The event pictured below took place in Chicago’s Palmer House, a classic Beaux Arts-style hotel (similar to Art Deco). The client wanted a modern vibe for their event, which was established with strategic set pieces and lighting. Called SuperColumns, the tiered design and funky pattern brings a modern feel which is accentuated by the contrasting aesthetic of the venue.

stage technology events

Incorporate the Right Technology

This photo showcases the use of IMAG (image magnification). The flanking screens show an enhanced, or magnified, view of the speaker. Utilizing the screens and appropriately switching between content and IMAG keeps the audience engaged and emphasizes key takeaways from the presentation.

IMAG screens event

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