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Meeting Tomorrow CMP Certification

Meeting Tomorrow CMP Certification

Meeting Tomorrow is thrilled to announce we have FIVE certified meeting professionals (CMPs) on staff! We’re always trying to distinguish ourselves from the pack – from our core values of commitment, kindness, and humility to our high level of customer service – and the CMP distinction falls right on target. An empathetic team who understands a clients’ day-to-day experience is crucial for success as the AV and technology component is such a tiny part of what clients do.

Numerous members of our Event Management team recently completed the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program and received certification. We’re proud to spotlight Anthony Salas, Kristen Swiatek, Lindsay Brunder, and Meghan Schaffer for embracing the opportunity, dedicating time and energy, and achieving success! A special shoutout goes to Sholeh Munion for being an incredible CMP guide and resource to the team as well.

Event Managers are a key part of our process; they make sure the logistical details of events are in tip-top shape, always thinking one step ahead and developing solutions for anything that can happen. They prepare and take all precautions, pulling the proper people, plans, and processes into place to produce a professional event clients can be proud of (Whew, what a tongue twister! Our Event Managers can definitely say it three times fast, too!). Event Managers already have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so a CMP credential adds to that pool and acts as a signifier of excellence.

After months of late night study sessions, passing on joining that intramural dodgeball team (the trophy is all yours next year!), and nearly pulling all your hair out from stress, the CMP application process culminates in a 165-question exam. Our amazing group of Event Managers did a celebratory dance in early May 2018 when their test screens turned green and displayed the second-most beautiful phrase in English: ‘Passed.’ And in case you’re wondering, ‘Free tacos’ takes the top spot.

So why is a CMP important? The certification immediately makes a positive impression on clients and partners. It signifies high-quality service and value, experience, and that you’re working with a person who plain ol’ knows their stuff in event execution. We’ll still leave event planning to our clients, but Meeting Tomorrow’s Event Managers will have a deeper sense of empathy for the process as a whole. Plus, the AV and technology component only benefits from a top-notch CMP brain. The CMP credential also has continuing education requirements and needs to be renewed every few years, which demonstrates commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

Meeting Tomorrow is proud to invest in our team members and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth. Congrats again to Anthony Salas, Kristen Swiatek, Lindsay Brunder, and Meghan Schaffer – cheers to you!