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Combo Meal #1: Meeting Tomorrow and a Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Combo Meal #1: Meeting Tomorrow and a Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Burger and fries. Milkshake and fries. Fries and more fries. Classic fast food combos that just work well together. Speaking of, another great pairing is Meeting Tomorrow and a rapidly growing fast food restaurant chain.

We first discovered each other in mid-2014. The fast food chain was looking for an AV partner who could provide a consistent nationwide experience, believed customer service was of utmost importance, and had a healthy appetite. Check, check, and check. More fries, please.

The restaurant chain was, and still is, quickly expanding across the US, launching new locations almost weekly. And they take their grand openings seriously (it’s called grand for a reason). Restaurant openings are a multi-day, multi-event affair that can include a soft launch, big dinner and celebration for employees, friends, and family, as well as a festive public opening. It’s not just unlocking the door and cutting a ribbon; it’s a big ol’ party. So, standard AV equipment is needed – projector, screen, and a sound system. Presentations or videos are shown, announcements are made, music is played, you know the deal. Equipment needs to be set-up, taken down, and sometimes transferred to a different location.

Openings are handled by an internal team of 15-20 regional meeting planners. Before discovering Meeting Tomorrow each person would do their own thing, including sourcing local AV equipment for the restaurant opening. Planners typically tackled challenges like finding AV gear in remote towns, or coordinating complicated logistics of several openings happening at the same time. This led to an inconsistent grand opening experience at each restaurant, as well as difficulty in overall budgeting for the year.

Which leads us to that magical moment in 2014 when our classic combo was formed. Meeting Tomorrow was able to create AV equipment packages with flat rate prices and offer our network of nationwide technicians which immediately standardized the grand opening process for the fast food chain. New restaurants could consistently experience (and share with the public) fanfare and fun, regardless of location.

As of mid-2018, we’ve successfully executed 75 restaurant openings and are en route to 150+ celebrations across the country by end of year. They’ve even seen our value as a one-stop shop, using Meeting Tomorrow for their internal conferences and bulk iPad rentals. There’s no sign of the fast food restaurant chain slowing down, and we can’t wait for the journey to continue – fries in one hand, milkshake in the other.