5 Cool Tech Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

5 Cool Tech Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Exhibiting at trade shows is a fantastic way to connect with potential customers, try out new products and network with industry leaders. However, it's always important to  have a plan for getting noticed  beside some of the larger, more flashy booths you'll undoubtedly be up against.  

Fortunately, there are a variety of event technology solutions that savvy  event planners can use to help stand out from the crowd. Below are 5 technology ideas you can use to increase traffic and attendee interaction in your booth.

Meeting Tomorrow provides customized AV  and event technology solutions for trade shows, promotional events and product launches  anywhere in the country.

1.  Invite Guests to Use a Giant Smartphone

Giant Smartphone Rental for Trade Shows and Events

Touch screens allow attendees to truly interact with your content rather than passively watch a screen. After you're created the perfect touch content, maximize your success by displaying it in an intriguing way. Options like the Giant iTab Smartphone  (pictured above) and touch video walls are sure-fire ways to draw people into your booth.

2. Create a Game Show  in Your Booth

trade show gamification rental

Gamification is a great way to promote unique brand associations and  get the people in your booth excited about being there. There are a variety of ways you can gamify and incentivize your guests, including virtual prize wheels, gaming apps, and social media contests. One of our favorites is the iPad Jeopardy Wall, a turnkey game show solution made up of iPads on a magnetic wall.

3.  Outshine Boring Displays with a Video Wall

Video Wall Rental for Events

Video walls are undeniably eye-catching and allow you to display one seamless image or multiple images across different panels. The sheer size and brilliance of video walls makes them much more impressive than standard monitors, and your content options are greater too. A few ideas to help pull in foot traffic are featuring attendees via social media feeds and showing live virtual reality (VR or AR) content. Ask your event production company for more ideas to help you make the most of your display budget.

4.  Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

virtual reality scavenger hunt trade show rental

Augmented reality (AR) is huge right now and there are some great virtual applications for trade shows and events. Something that can be done in nearly any event space is incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt for guests to find hidden objects and clues overlaid on your actual booth. Similarly, you can incorporate virtual notes to go along with product demos and allow interested users to get a deeper dive.

5.  Direct & Inspire  Social Media Discussion

twitter wall rental for events

Events give you the opportunity to interact with your guests in person while simultaneously connecting with them online. If you truly want your connections to last beyond the show, promoting social media networking is incredibly important. While it takes some planning, setting up a social media wall and directing social discussion is a fantastic way to generate buzz. Incorporate featured posts, giveaways and a social photo booth to up your game even more.