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How to Create a Custom iPad Background [Video]

How to Create a Custom iPad Background [Video]

Setting up a custom image or logo as the background  on an iPad can be harder  than one might imagine. There are different resolutions required for specific  models, and it can be tricky to make  the  image look great  in both portrait and landscape modes. Fortunately, we’ve created an easy solution for making high quality  iPad backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop. All you need to do is determine whether your iPad has a retina display, download the proper template, and import your image as a new layer.

Check out the video below for instructions on how to create your own iPad background image using our  pre-made Photoshop templates:

Video Transcript:

Today I’m going to teach you how to create an iPad background image in Adobe Photoshop. Before we get started, the first thing you need to do is find out what generation  iPad you will be loading the background on.

Some iPads have the retina display and others do not. Knowing whether your iPad has the retina display  will determine what template you use to set up the background. This will allow you to perfectly set up the image  so it looks great in both portrait and landscape orientations.

*For quick reference, the iPad 1,  iPad 2, and  iPad Mini (1st Gen) do NOT have a retina display. Every other iPad does.

Download iPad Non-Retina Template

Download iPad Retina Display Template

So let’s get started. The first step in creating the background image is opening your background template in Photoshop. Since I’m loading a background on an iPad Air, I will be choosing the retina display template. Note that both of these template are available on the Meeting Tomorrow website.

Next, drag the image you’d like to set as the iPad wallpaper on top of the template. Photoshop should center the image automatically. At this point you can resize or adjust where you would like your image, making sure that you keep inside the blue and grey bars on the top and side. These areas are not always displayed on the iPad when the orientation is changed.

In order to add a background color to the image, create a new layer and drag it below the  layer containing your logo. You can then use the gradient tool to fill the layer with your color of choice.

If you’re happy with the look of the image, save it to your computer. The last step is to load it onto your iPad and set it as the background image. Note that you also have the option to set the image as your lock screen image, or as both the background and lock screen.

And that’s how you create a custom iPad background!

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