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Top 5 Ways to Use Touch Screens at Events

Top 5 Ways to Use Touch Screens at Events

Touch screens are a great way to attract guests to your booth and increase attendee engagement at events. They provide a unique opportunity to communicate and collaborate with event-goers through the physical act of touch, and there are a multitude of applications to use across numerous types of displays.

As with any event technology though, it’s important to utilize them in a way that complements your event and maximizes guest interaction.  What follows are five  of our favorite ways to use touch screens at meetings and events.

Meeting Tomorrow provides touch screen display rentals to businesses, agencies and meeting planners for trade shows and events around the country.

1. Perform App Demonstrations on a Giant Scale

giant iphone and ipad rental for events

Touch screen kiosks provide the perfect opportunity for event exhibitors to demonstrate apps, websites and branded content on a large scale. Large touch screens allow you to perform group demonstrations as opposed to single user walkthroughs on mobile devices. For those looking for the best of both worlds,  the Giant iTab is a touch screen kiosk that looks and acts exactly like a huge smartphone.  You can load iOS and Android apps, so users can interact with all their favorite apps (AND the event app) on a giant phone.

2. Promote Fun Learning with Gamification  

iPad jeopardy wall rentals

One of the most exciting applications for touch technology is gamification. Games are always a great way to attract people into your booth and there are a variety of software solutions available with customizable templates to get you started. Regardless of the game or app you choose, the goal should be to promote unique brand connections  by seamlessly incorporating your company branding into the experience. Right now our favorite gamification technology is the iPad Jeopardy Wall, an  interactive display made up of dozens of iPads that works just like a game of Jeopardy. You choose the questions and guests can play head to head or compete individually for prizes.

3. Set Up Self-Service Information Kiosks

touch screen rentals for events

Touch screen monitors and kiosks are perfect for displaying interactive documents, galleries, maps and schedules at your event. They can also be strategically placed at key stations for wayfinding, so guests will know where to go and what to do. These touch information stations will allow attendees to find the information they need at their own pace and you’ll know that interested parties are seeing the content you want them to.

4. Improve Speaker Presentations

Speaker presentations

One event component that often needs a boost in engagement is speaker presentations. Rather than sticking to Powerpoint slides on a projector screen, utilizing touch content can result in super cool presentations. Touch screen video walls and large touch monitors can be used to zoom in and out of charts and graphs and move slides forward in an interesting way. Another touch screen option to improve presentations is slide sharing and live Q&A using tablet rentals. Using audience response software on iPads, attendees can follow along, take notes, respond to surveys and ask live questions.

5. Execute Paperless Registration & Lead Capture

Lead Capture For Events - iPad Kiosks

Utilizing iPad kiosks for your check in is a great way to save paper and show your tech savvy from the get go. Kiosks and touch monitors are also great for lead capture in that they can sync all your signatures and email addresses with your cloud for easy access and storage. Make sure to offer incentives for attendees giving  you their information, and advertise big prizes on digital signage and social media to get more leads. On another note, iPad rentals loaded with event schedules, maps, and social networking make great alternatives to paper brochures and will provide instant second screen engagement.

Meeting Tomorrow  provides nationwide touch screen rental  delivery and setup. Rent touch screen displays, tables, and kiosks  for your trade show or conference. Call (877) 633-8866 and ask about our custom touch screen software for converting your content to touch.