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Everything Event Planners Need to Know About Apple’s New iOS 13

Everything Event Planners Need to Know About Apple’s New iOS 13

Earlier this month, Apple announced all the changes coming in iOS 13, Apple’s next version of its operating system for iPhones. They also announced iPadOS, which is the new name for the iPad’s operating system. Coming this fall, iOS 13 and iPadOS are packed with new features and improvements that make iPhones and iPads faster, easier, more secure for both personal and event use.

For serious meeting and event planners, iPhones and iPads are more than just tools for calling and sending Memojis. (Don’t get us wrong — we love Memojis.) They’re small devices that keep our lives organized and help make our events possible. Here are a few highlights to look out for when the iOS update rolls out to your devices this fall.

External Drives on iPads (Yes, even USB)

Has one of your presenters ever run in last minute with an updated slide deck on a USB? Soon, you’ll be able to plug thumb drives, external disc drives, and even camera SD card readers directly into an iPad. You’ll be able to navigate to all your files with a redesigned files app, too. This makes iPads even more flexible for use at events.

Dark Mode

At last. This long awaited change finally lets you put your iPhone or iPad into a system-wide dark mode, perfect for dimly lit events where you need to limit the distractions of bright screens. All of Apple’s apps will be capable of dark mode, and  many developers of third party apps will have time to make this update before the rollout.

This feature is intended to be easier on your eyes. But it’s also perfect for low light environments like meetings and events. Plus, some experts say it may save battery life (though Apple hasn’t made that claim yet.)

New iOS 13 app for creating AR experiences

Apple’s new tool for developers, called RealityKit, lets developers easily create augmented reality experiences with no previous 3D experience. We’re going to have to stay tuned to see the full impact of this new tool. But it could have interesting applications for events and trade shows as AR continues to become more popular and accessible.


The reminders app is getting a facelift. For busy event pros, this update could be a lifesaver. You’ll be able to filter your reminders into four categories: Today, scheduled, all, and flagged. You can also sort your reminders into customized lists, and tag your coworkers, collaborators, or other contacts into your reminders so they’ll receive, notifications too.

Plus, Apple is leveraging some artificial intelligence here. The new reminders app will suggest when you’d like to be reminded. For event use, you can use this feature to notify attendees of different parts of the program, or to return the device once the event is over.

Privacy and Security

Event planners often travel all over the place — dozens of different cities, hotels, and airports. The new iOS includes five new features that give you more control over your data and privacy. For example, you’ll be able to control how and when apps can use data about your location with fine-tuned controls.


If you’re a Google Maps loyalist, it might be time to check out Apple maps again once the new update comes out. Apple says it reimagined the entire app from the ground up. This latest version lets you share your ETA with colleagues once you leave the house or office, and will update them if you run into a slight traffic delay.

Plus, it has a flight tracker that includes up-to-the-moment information about terminals, gate locations, departure times, and more. No more wondering exactly what is going on with your presenters’ flight delays.

Silence Spam and Unknown Callers

There’s nothing more frustrating that stepping out of a meeting to take a call — only to discover it’s a spammer. A new setting can prevent your phone from ringing for unknown numbers.

Screen Time

We know being a dedicated meeting or event planner means long hours. But even the hardest working planners need a breather. You can set screen time limits for yourself, and you’ll even get a warning when it’s time to sign off, rest your eyes, and start fresh the next day.

One last tip:
When renting iPads and iPhones for events, make sure your iPad and iPhone rental company has newer devices that can run iOS 13 smoothly. And if your company has its own app, make sure you update it to work with iOS 13 before the rollout this fall.

For a look of everything Apple is updating in iOS 13, check out their complete list.