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At the Theater: A Meeting Tomorrow Story

At the Theater: A Meeting Tomorrow Story

Have you ever been to the movie theater and eaten half your bag of popcorn before the movie even starts? Maybe the reason you had so much time to chomp on those kernels is because someone with a microphone came out and thanked you for coming out to the movies that evening, or gave a short in-person introduction to the film.

Scenarios like that are similar to the type of events we help a well known national movie chain with (presentations before a movie that need a PA system, NOT popcorn eating contests). They rent out their theaters for corporate events and private movie screenings, and those corporate partners need a way to make announcements or present information to the attendees.

They first discovered Meeting Tomorrow in 2012 when they were having a hard time locally sourcing a PA system in a very small, remote town. Before Meeting Tomorrow, their event planning team would locally source a speaker and microphone in every single event location. When partners want to simultaneously have events in 30+ theaters across the country, it becomes a bit of a challenge.

Meeting Tomorrow successfully provided a single PA system in that remote town way back when, and the rest is history. They quickly realized we were the perfect partner for providing AV equipment to theaters across the US. By tapping into our nationwide network, they can execute hundreds of corporate events without a heavy strain on their internal team.

The quantity of locations range from a single event in one theater to simultaneous events in 100+ theaters. To date, Meeting Tomorrow has provided AV equipment to nearly 1,500 theaters and facilitated corporate event screenings of numerous blockbuster hits, including the most recent Star Wars releases (Solo and The Last Jedi), Black Panther, and Deadpool 2.

As our partnership continues to flourish, it’s become clear we’re a perfect pairing. One point of contact, easy ordering, flat rate pricing, and awesome movies. The process is streamlined on both ends and more importantly, our core values go together.