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Meeting Tomorrow Values Week

Meeting Tomorrow Values Week

Meeting Tomorrow hosted the first annual Meeting Tomorrow Values Week and we had a great time!   This was a great way for our internal teams to connect and enjoy some team building activities before our busiest season hit.   During this week we celebrated our core values of commitment, kindness, and humility as a reminder to ourselves to always work towards building a culture of respect and affection.

solar eclipse 2017 Meeting Tomorrow


Meeting Tomorrow celebrated COMMITMENT.   Staff came showing team pride by representing their favorite sports team.   We also worked together to finish a puzzle of our beloved Meeting Tomorrow values van.   Nature even joined in on the festivities and our team viewed the rare spectacle behind custom Meeting Tomorrow eclipse glasses.

office values week


Meeting Tomorrow celebrated KINDNESS. We launched a digital affirmations wall where staff could share kind words about their co-workers and we sure did have some nice stuff to say about each other!   In the afternoon we enjoyed root beer floats while we engaged in a friendly four round  ??Minute to Win It ?? competition where we had 60 seconds to bounce ping pong balls onto peanut butter bread, stick cotton balls to our noses, eat oreos without using our hands, and pop balloons with darts.

meeting tomorrow office potluck


Meeting Tomorrow celebrated RESPECT & AFFECTION. Everyone brought in their favorite lunch items for a massive Potluck and throughout the day we participated in random acts of affection.   Employees shared handwritten notes, funny video clips, and Meeting Tomorrow Thank-ys with their secret partner for the day.


Meeting Tomorrow celebrated HUMILITY.   Staff enjoyed an idea hour led by our very own Jesse Johnson that focused on humility and what it means to our company.   There was also a craft station set up for participants to create dog and cat toys to be donated to a local shelter.

Meeting Tomorrow Summer Party


Meeting Tomorrow celebrated FUN.   Staff wore their funkiest shoes, socks, or craziest pants and we enjoyed a movie during Free Lunch Friday!   After a day of hard work we head over to our new building for a Summer Party for great food, drinks, and ample laughs.

meeting tomorrow values week

Meeting Tomorrow Values week was a huge hit and a tradition we look forward to continuing for years to come.   You can check out more photos of #MTValuesWeek on Facebook and Instagram.