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The Amazing Technology Behind VoIP Software

The Amazing Technology Behind VoIP Software

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has various implementations but all use shared basic protocols for transferring voice data. Users can download software to use VoIP on their computers, and some of this software is available for free.

Call or videophone to friends or family anywhere in the world for free from your computers. Never has the world seemed so small!

Some companies have started to offer low-cost software and hardware packages to enable VoIP phone calls and videoconferencing for home users and businesses. VoIP software (like Asterisk) reinvents the phone call by allowing any call to be made over the internet using an existing internet connection. Users have the flexibility to make calls from computers (using microphones, web cameras, and speakers) or with select new phones built to accommodate VoIP software.

Here are some VoIP services and software:

Skype: A well known and highly used VoIP services provider. Users can call computer-to-computer for free or to traditional telephone numbers for a small fee. The program also includes an instant message platform

Axon: A BX software package designed for business use of VoIP.

ExpressTalk is a completely free VoIP software for making voice and video calls.

A large list of VoIP software and downloads.

Wengophone is a competitor to Skype and offers voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging.

United World Telecom offers VoIP services and software for individuals and businesses in addition to a reseller’s program.

3CX VoIP Phone is a free software download that enables voice calls over the internet on any Windows computer.

A guide to VoIP software for small to medium businesses.

An overview of how VoIP has been changing the face of business communications.

SIP VoIP communication platform software information.

Business VoIP news and reviews of software and companies.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro enables video conferencing and eLearning.

Open Meetings is an open source VoIP video conferencing software available for download.

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