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How to Choose Between a Video Wall, TV & Projector for Events

How to Choose Between a Video Wall, TV & Projector for Events

Compare display rentals to see which is right for your event.


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A VIDEO WALL may be right for you if…

  • Your budget is ~$10,000 or more
  • You want the most modern, impressive looking display  available
  • You want the ability to show separate images on each panel AND one seamless image
  • You need a big solution that  is brought in smaller pieces and assembled onsite
  • Your audience is 100-250 people


TV rental for meetings and events

A large monitor / TV may be right for you if…

  • Your budget is ~$2,000  or more
  • You want a lower cost display that still looks professional
  • You only want to show  one image / video at a time
  • You can get a large monitor into the space (through doorways or elevators)
  • Your audience is  25-150 people

Video Wall vs. TV

An 80″ or 90″ monitor is very large display in its own right and a great budget alternative. To put things in perspective though, the display area of a 3×3 video wall  is ~10′ x 5.7′ (equal to a  138′ monitor) and a 4×4 video wall  is ~13.5′ x 7.5′ (equal to a  184′ monitor). If you’re worried a single TV won’t be enough, renting multiple monitors is a another option and also allows you to display unique content on each one.


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A projector & screen may be right for you if…

  • Your budget is ~$1,000 or more  (higher for commercial projectors)
  • You don’t mind having the image separate from the video source
  • You’re able to keep the projector path clear of obstructions (foot traffic, shadows)
  • You want the ability to show  any image configuration
  • You need a solution that  is flexible for any size space or audience

Video Wall vs. Projector

Comparing a video wall to a projector isn’t as simple and depends more on the environment and layout of the event. In general, a video wall rental will produce a much higher quality image with much greater contrast. However, a projector and screen could be a great solution for any size event as long as there isn’t ambient light to interfere with the projection. Alternatively,  a video wall will look bright and clear in both dark and well lit scenarios.


Meeting Tomorrow specializes in video wall rentals, monitor rentals, and projector and screen rentals. We can help you make the right decision for your event needs and budget. Get in touch with us anytime!