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Hybrid Run of Show Excel Template & Tutorial

Hybrid events bring some great benefits: increased reach, inclusivity, and valuable analytics. The only challenge? They’re still a relatively new format for many of the meeting and event planners we work with, and require some new skills and tools.

As an event production company that’s planned and produced hundreds of hybrid events, we wanted to share one of our secret weapons: the hybrid run of show. Created by our project managers, this tool can help you plan every minute of both the virtual and in-person components, and how they work together. Plus, project manager Katie recorded a three-part class to help you use this tool.

Here’s what the template includes:

  • Instructions for use
  • Contact list: Keep track of contact details for all staff and stakeholders
  • Run of Show Template: Call times, content links, transitions, presenter details, and more
  • Completed Example: See what a completed, filled out template looks like
  • Katie’s 3-part video tutorial

Keep in mind: When you work with us, our project managers create the run-of-show for your event. We handle all speaker preparation, tech checks, transitions, virtual event platform configuration, content management, and much more. However, if you’re needing to plan a hybrid event DIY without a production partner, this template can help you get started.

Run of Show Template Tutorial Videos

hybrid run of show tutorial videos

Watch a demo on how to use the template as well as learn hybrid event planning basics from Katie, one of our project managers.

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