How to Choose the Right Rental Laptop

Our customers rent laptops for all kinds of purposes — trainings, events, employee use, and so much more. To help you choose the right laptop, we’ve categorized the PC models in our inventory into three categories: Basic, Business, and Workstation. Below is an at-a-glance flow chart, as well as more details on each category, so you can choose the best model for your needs. In addition, we’ve included info on MacBooks here for those considering Mac vs. PC.

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More Details on Our Rental Laptops

Basic Laptops

Basic laptops are ideal for running one application at a time, especially for web-based applications. While they are reliable and work flawlessly, they do not have advanced graphic cards or processing power. They are best for temporary use, meaning people use them for several hours or days at a time. This also is the most budget-friendly option, if cost is one of your top concerns.

HP EliteBook 840 G1
Dell Latitude E5450
Lenovo ThinkPad T440
Ideal uses:
Student Testing
Hiring Event
Event Registration
Used to connect to a monitor to display content
basic laptop rental

Real Life Example:
One of our clients, a national student testing company, rents thousands of laptops in order to set up their temporary standardized testing centers for homeschooled students located all over the country. While they need thousands of laptops deployed seamlessly to hundreds of cities, each student only uses the laptop for a few hours to access the assessment site on a secure browser. This makes the basic laptop models perfect for their needs. We also provide headsets and mice.

Avoid for:
Employees using the laptop every day for work
Software requiring high end graphics cards and processing power

Business Laptops

Our Business laptops are ideal and efficient for multi-tasking and running multiple programs at once. They are commonly used for work applications including video conferencing, Microsoft Office, and most software needs. Available in 14″ or 15.6″ screen size and with 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM.

HP EliteBook 840 G3
Dell Latitude 5480
Lenovo ThinkPad E460
Ideal for:
Work applications
Temporary offices
Temporary or seasonal employees
Video conferencing / Zoom
business laptop rental

Real Life Example:
One of our clients, a global creative network of agencies, needed to quickly rent hundreds of laptops for their employees to do their everyday work. Some employees were working from home, and some in the office, and they needed to rent laptops long-term that could handle all work applications seamlessly.

Avoid for:
Video editing, gaming, design work

Workstation Laptops

Our workstation laptops have a dedicated video card and the highest amount of processing speed. They are ideal for processing a lot of visuals/motion as with gaming, graphic design, and video editing. They’re also ideal for user conferences, when you’re showing off the latest version of your software.

HP ProBook 650
Dell Precision 7510
Lenovo ThinkPad T570
Good for:
User Conferences
Software demonstrations
Video Editing
workstation laptop rental

Real Life Example:
A recent customer of ours needed over 130 workstation laptops for its employees for a year-long rental period. Our client is a fast growing start-up in the healthcare technology space, and planned to use their funding for growth oriented costs like marketing, hiring, and development. Leasing workstation laptops was the perfect solution for their them because they could spread out their IT costs over time, and still have high-quality laptops for daily employee use that run all their software perfectly.

Avoid for:
Highest-end gaming / eSports competitions


Our Apple MacBook rentals have a dedicated video card and a high amount of processing speed (similar to our Workstation PC laptops). They are ideal for work uses that require macOS software or processing a lot of visuals/motion such as with graphic design and video editing. They’re also ideal for user conferences, when you’re showing off the latest version of your macOS software.
Good for:
Work Applications
Video Editing
User Conferences
Software demonstrations

macbook rental or pc laptop rental

Real Life Example:
A global software company needed hundreds of high-end MacBooks for recurring user conferences around the country. It was important to them to have a rental partner who could handle all logistics, technical support, and contingency plans so everything works perfectly for their users. On top of that, they’re able to save money over the cost of buying new models every few years.

Avoid for:
Highest-end gaming / eSports competitions

how to choose a laptop rental model

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