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Video: Behind the Scenes of Hybrid Event AV & Production Set-Up

Video: Behind the Scenes of Hybrid Event AV & Production Set-Up

To help event planners get clarity on all things hybrid events, the team behind the leading event management platform Socio recently hosted a hybrid webinar. The event covered the concrete details about hybrid event planning and execution, from conception to day-of best practices and everything in between.

We were so excited to be Socio’s production partner for this event. And though usually our work stays behind-the-scenes, what was especially exciting about this opportunity was the Socio team asked us to be in front of the camera, too.

Our own Melissa Jones Clark presented on building your hybrid event budget, and then took the at-home audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of the production set-up. She described all elements of the room, and how exactly the event came to life from a technical perspective.

Keep in mind: There are tons of different options for hybrid event production, depending on your venue, goals, and budget. Hybrid events sometimes require getting creative from a production standpoint. However, this level of creativity is also what can make them feel new, fresh, and exciting. The key to smooth production is making sure you’re relying on a hybrid event partner that’s experienced and collaborative in helping you achieve your event’s goals.

Are you planning a hybrid or virtual event? We’d love to learn about it! Reach out to us here to learn how we can produce your hybrid, virtual, or fully in-person event in any city nationwide.