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7 Great Event Technology Sponsorship Ideas

7 Great Event Technology Sponsorship Ideas

As an event planner, an important challenge you face is attracting sponsors for your events. The answer isn’t simple and the stakes are high, as sponsorships can provide an excellent revenue source for the event. When great sponsors are in place though, it can mean greater event exposure and better attendee experience too.

Below we’ll describe the following event tech sponsorship and branding ideas: iPad Jeopardy Wall, Cell Phone Charging Lockers, iPad Kiosk Enclosures, Event WiFi, Social Media Wall, Custom Branded Conference App & Interactive Themed Gaming.

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1. iPad Jeopardy Wall

iPad Jeopardy wall

The iPad Gameshow wall is an interactive display made up of dozens of iPads on an easy-to-use, magnetic panel wall. Perfect for gamification and engagement at trade shows, conferences & educational meetings.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Sponsor-themed questions /answers
  • Themed prizes
  • Branded signage

2. Cell Phone Charging Lockers

Cell phone charging lockers

Mobile charging stations are a must for any modern event and give you a great opportunity for both digital branding and custom overlays. Guests won’t need to leave the event space to charge up and sponsors are sure to get prime exposure.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Enclosure overlays
  • Custom branding banner
  • Touch screen branding
  • Keycards

3. iPad Kiosk Enclosures

iPad Kiosk enclosures

iPad kiosks are the perfect vehicle for displaying interactive marketing content around key areas of your event. Easily perform registration, lead generation and point-of-sale, or use iPad kiosk rentals as a conference way finder.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Banner graphics
  • Kiosk enclosure & overlay
  • Content & application template

4.  Event WiFi

Event WiFi

Event WiFi is one of the most critically important aspects of any  event and provides a highly visible branding option.  Sponsors can display their logo in the event brochure, conference app and/or via signage around the event space. The WiFi network splash page is another great opportunity for branding and can include a link to the sponsor’s website.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Signage
  • Wi-Fi log-in screen

5. Social Media Wall

Social media wall video

Social media walls allow  you to interact with and engage attendees on their favorite social media platform. Customizable software templates allow sponsor names and logos to be displayed and integrated into the conversation. Check out our article How to Use a Social Media Wall for Events.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Software template
  • Display overlay
  • Attendee prompts

6. Custom Branded Conference App

custom branded conference app event

Conference and event apps provide great opportunities to display sponsors to attendees using mobile devices like iPad rentals. Easily display  conference agendas and speaker bios  as well as integrate  social sharing, peer-to-peer networking and interactive polling.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Icon
  • Startup screen
  • Application skin
  • In-app sponsored links & applications

7.  Interactive Themed Gaming

Interactive themed gaming

Similar to the iPad Jeopardy wall, other interactive themed games provide an opportunity for high-impact brand engagement. Whatever way you choose to gamify your event, sponsor branding can be integrated into both game software and onsite hardware.

Sponsorship opportunities / branded elements:

  • Custom game theme integrating sponsor brand
  • Reskin game elements to customize for multiple sponsors

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