As environmental awareness rises, “going green” is becoming a more and more common theme in the events industry. Whenever a large group of people gathers, the amount of food, paper, and other waste can be huge. Green events can be defined as those that utilize environmentally-safe options in order to reduce this waste and lower the overall carbon footprint of the event. As you can imagine, there are many things to consider, including budget, time, and resources.

Utilizing recyclable materials is a great way to start down the green path, but where do you go from there? Aren’t there other creative ways to make your event greener? In a word, yes!

Our meeting planning experts put their knowledge to the test and came up with some tech-related suggestions to help you on your way. Try utilizing these tips at your next event or call us to discuss even more ideas for going green.

Waste Not with an Event Website

You can start going green before your event even begins. If you design an event website and promote online, you’ll eliminate the need to send out paper flyers and invites, and it will ensure event schedules and speaker information are all centralized and easy for guests to access.

Some WordPress themes are specifically made for event websites.

Some WordPress themes are specifically made for event websites.

You can promote the event online, email potential guests and filter all registration and confirmation through the website. Extra content and pre-event details can be forwarded to guests via email once they confirm and the site can continually be updated with new developments to inform and generate buzz.

Execute a Paperless Check-in

There are many great ways to execute a paperless check-in utilizing mobile devices and event apps. Consider using iPads loaded with Check In Easy or Zkipster to easily and securely check in guests. Not only will the process generate zero paper waste, but it will automatically organize all your event data and allow you to easily monitor who is being checked in.

In addition, utilizing iPad kiosks, touchscreens, or desktop stands will also eliminate your need for multiple persons to be present at the check in table. One or two people can oversee check in, allowing more guests to get into the event quicker using the multiple kiosk stations.

Eliminate Flyers and Handouts

Instead of handing out paper event programs and maps at your next event, consider renting out iPads and loading them with all the event data. You can organize .pdfs in Adobe Reader, customize the background with a sharp sponsor logo, and sign out iPads to guests for them to use during the event.


Twitter and Instagram apps will encourage guests to share your event on social media, and providing an event hashtag will focus posts and allow you to gather a twitter feed on a large monitor or iPad video wall. You can even make a custom green-themed hashtag to encourage recycling and conservation among attendees.

In addition to rental units, you can also try building your own event app and encouraging guests to load it on their personal mobile devices.

Perform Digital Lead Capture

During the event, continue to reduce paper any way possible. If there are surveys you’re trying to collect, use a touchscreen or an iPad loaded with Polldaddy or Survey Monkey. These options work great and look much more professional than paper forms.

SurveyMonkey offers some templates to help event planners create meaningful surveys.

SurveyMonkey offers some templates to help event planners create meaningful surveys.

Touchscreens can also be utilized above charging stations and on video walls that will help attract foot traffic and encourage conversation between guests and your staff. Kiosks are another great way to capture leads if you’ve got a contest or giveaway where a normal dropbox might go.

Clean Up After Yourself

Immediately after your event, you can continue the trend by donating unused food, recycling waste, and rounding up banners and other materials for future events. Save on paper and postage by sending out personalized email thank yous with general event wrap up info and links.


You can update the event website with photos and videos from social media, and encourage guests to search for their photos and download them. Online surveys will allow attendees to instantly provide feedback and increase the number of responses you capture. This, in turn, will allow you to easily analyze results and improve upon the entire event experience next time around.

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