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Event Tech Tips for Green Event Planning

Event Tech Tips for Green Event Planning

As global warming becomes harder and harder to ignore, green event planning is becoming an increasingly important focus in the industry. As we all know, whenever a large group of people gathers, the amount of paper, food, and energy waste can be HUGE. The goal of green event planning is to minimize this waste and reduce the overall carbon footprint, while still creating a meaningful and unique experience for attendees.

Utilize these event technology tips at your next event to guide you further down the green path:

1. Execute a Paperless Check-in

Lead Capture For Events - iPad Kiosks

There are many great ways to execute a paperless check-in utilizing mobile devices. Consider using iPads loaded with a check-in app to easily and securely check in guests. Not only will the process generate zero paper waste, but it will automatically organize all your event data and allow you to easily monitor who is arriving. In addition, you could use touch screen monitors and kiosks to eliminate your need for multiple persons to be present at the check-in table.

2. Go All In on the Event App

custom branded conference app for event sponsorship

Instead of making event-goers haul around folders, brochures, and business cards, use the event app to its full potential.  A quality event app will allow you to organize all relevant event documents, itineraries, and contacts, as well as handle messaging and scheduling. You should be able to incorporate sponsors, social media, surveys, push notifications and more. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find an app , just make sure you give yourself a little time to research first.

3. Perform Digital Surveys & Lead Capture

how to use polls and surveys at events

Don’t stop at a single app! Utilize survey and polling apps to allow your staff to easily collect info without generating trash. Give guests a chance to win prizes to incentivize participation, and make it easy for them to share information for things they’re passionate about. iPad rentals pre-loaded with apps and content are a great option for this, and many of the survey apps work both on and offline.

4. Gather Support Through Social Media

how to use new technology at meetings and events

Instead of discouraging guests from using their smartphones, embrace social media and incorporate Twitter and Instagram to inspire guest interaction, pictures and conversation. You can even make a custom green-themed hashtag to encourage recycling and conservation among attendees. Display thought leaders and feature users on social media walls throughout the space.

5. Ask for Feedback in Email Follow-Ups

how to incorporate technology into your event

Immediately after your event, you can continue the trend by donating unused food, recycling waste, and rounding up banners and other materials for future events. As your last step, email follow-up surveys to allow attendees a chance to instantly provide feedback. Include a question or two about the sustainability of the event and let guests leave suggestions on how to make things even greener next year!

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