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How to Choose and Size Speakers

How to Choose and Size Speakers

Advantages of Compact Systems

Small speakers are all the rage these days, and the remarkable technical engineering that goes into designing these speakers merits praise. The technicians at a few of the world’s best speaker manufacturers are pushing the envelope and making people rethink the limitations of speakers with compact dimensions. Yet as good as small speakers are, they sometimes cannot compete with certain sonic qualities of their larger counterparts.

Advantages of Large Systems

Any engineer with knowledge of acoustics can tell you the advantages of large speakers systems. Though small speakers are capable and convenient, big speakers push quantities of air to create an unmistakable and unique dynamic slam. It is more difficult for small speakers to move the same amount of air, and they can experience sound distortion as a result of too-loud volume and incorrect settings. Speakers with large dimensions are also more efficient in producing a crisper lower bass. Large speakers contain larger drive units, and these drivers equate to better bass frequency and dynamics.

Comparing Large and Small

The modern crop of large speakers has several advantages, and they add grandeur to any room with their height and presence, exceptional power handling, and ability to reproduce a full range of sound. The major disadvantage is that large speakers are a poor fit for small rooms, since their volume must be turned down for optimum performance in a more compact space. Audio distortion is an inevitable consequence. On the other hand, small speakers can handle the sound ranges much better in smaller rooms. Besides the size of the speakers, the value of the speakers is another determinant of sound quality. Small speakers from some of the most prestigious brands can often surpass lower-end large speakers in all departments of acoustics. Hence, size doesn’t always guarantee a rich listening experience.

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