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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is an effective tool for communicating information to any group. This twenty first century technology can be of assistance to a teacher who is delivering an exciting lesson to a classroom of children. Also, just as easily, an interactive whiteboard can be used to explain data and statistics at a business meeting. An interactive whiteboard serves its purpose of displaying all sorts of information in an interesting format.

One of the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard is the ability to manipulate the information that is being shown. First, The Use of an Interactive Whiteboard requires that it is connected to a computer turning it into a, “..live computer desktop..” The image and information on the computer are then displayed on the interactive whiteboard. A significant feature of the interactive whiteboard is that it allows its user to apply markings to the text, drawing, chart, or other piece of information that is being projected. For example, a teacher explaining a population chart with the assistance of an interactive whiteboard has the use of bright colors, easy-to-spot graphics, and distinct images at his or her fingertips.

Through the years the technology used to convey ideas in the classroom and in the business world has moved from the static, visual aid to a presentation that comes to life with colorful images. The forerunners of the interactive whiteboard include the chalkboard, the paper flip chart, and the traditional whiteboard. The presenters using these methods were limited in color choice, image dimensions, and the amount of space available for explanation. The electronic element of the interactive whiteboard allows the presenter to arrange and highlight information in a creative, attention-grabbing fashion. Therefore, a telephone call to a computer equipment rental establishment for an interactive whiteboard to use at your next meeting would prove worthwhile.

There are many practical uses for an interactive whiteboard. In the collection of Reasons to Use an Interactive Whiteboard in a Classroom is the ability to highlight specific material in a range of engaging colors. Another reason mentioned is it allows students to contribute material at the computer or directly onto the interactive whiteboard. With an interactive whiteboard at work in the classroom, the material being taught is reinforced in a student’s mind as he both listens to and watches the lesson unfold. In addition, a student can contribute to the topic by illustrating a question or thought onto the interactive whiteboard for the whole class to discuss.

An interactive whiteboard is a valuable tool in the business world. Graphs, charts of statistics, sales numbers, or any other significant information that needs to be delivered during a meeting will be communicated effectively via an interactive whiteboard. Plus, the critical material being displayed can be printed and passed out to the group members for later study. An interactive whiteboard allows all of the attendees in a large conference room to easily see the information being explained. Likewise, the individuals in a small group are able to share their thoughts on the material using the interactive whiteboard to illustrate important points. In order to ensure that your next meeting is an effective one, a quick call to an audio visual equipment rental company can result in a better presentation with an interactive whiteboard.

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