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Laptop Computer Video Output Guide

Laptop Computer Video Output Guide

This is a simple guide to help you determine which video cable  you need to connect your laptop  to a projector or TV. For more information, contact the manufacturer of your PC or Mac laptop.

Common Laptop Video Connectors:




VGA is an old but popular video output that is still present on many PC laptops. Often it is blue or grey in color.

DVI laptop video connection guide


DVI  is found on some older PC laptops and continues to be used on many desktops. Often white or cream in color.


display port video connection guide

Display Port

Display Port is found on many  PC laptops. Usually you’ll need a Display Port to HDMI adapter for TVs.

HDMI laptop video connection guide


HDMI is found on most newer PC laptops and some older Macbooks. HDMI transmits both video & audio.




Thunderbolt  is  present on all newer Macbooks and iMacs. You’ll need an adapter to connect to a TV or projector.



A  data, video & power connection on new Macbook & PC laptops. You’ll need an adapter to connect to a TV or projector.


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