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PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates

Even after years of use, Microsoft PowerPoint continues to advance, with improvements in programming and technology along with more advanced features and templates.

Microsoft provides specialty tools like the PowerPoint Viewer, which can be used to view presentations on PowerPoint projectors for free without installing the expensive program. This is ideal for situations where you need to use an unfamiliar computer rental to present a PowerPoint you made in your own office or home. With new technology from Intermedia, PowerPoint presentations can be recorded and presented as videos.

PowerPoint already has built-in, professional-looking templates to use in presentations, with more available on Microsoft’s website. In addition, there are plenty of sources online to find more templates and ideas.

Here are some sources for PowerPoint templates aimed at business use:

  • Presentation Load
  • Crystal Graphics
  • Templates Wise
  • HP

PowerPoint is used by many teachers. Some sources for presentations that teachers can use in the classroom are:

  • Brainy Betty
  • Powered Templates
  • Indezine
  • PowerPoint Guys
  • Internet4Classrooms
  • Graves County Schools

A popular educational use of PowerPoint is creating a custom Jeopardy-style game. The presentation can be customized with questions related to specific study topics. Templates to create a Jeopardy game are provided by:

  • Educational Resources for Teachers
  • Fayette County Schools
  • Download.com

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