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Web Design Errors

Web Design Errors

Poor web design practice — broken tags, lack of proofreading and so forth — can powerfully impact your viewership, whether you’re doing business or merely maintaining a personal blog. Here are some common mistakes.

  • Anonymity – Even in cases where the author wishes to keep their identity concealed, some means of contacting the site’s owner should be provided if only for maintenance purposes.
  • Bad Netiquette – Avoid bad grammar and misuse of capitals.
  • Broken HTML – Nothing says poor quality web site like 1-inch columns several feet long, or a string of garbled HTML hanging out in the middle of a paragraph.
  • Broken Links – Don’t leave out-of-date or mistyped links on your site.
  • Excessive Plug-in Requirements – Many web users resent multimedia requirements. Also, avoid any music or videos that auto-play on page load. Deafening or annoying users is definitely a minus!
  • Missing Alt Tags – Images should have an ALT tag with alternative describes text for users who do not wish to load images or have special accessibility needs.
  • Missing or Inaccurate TITLE tags – Each HTML page should have a unique title that also makes it stand out in a list of links or bookmarks.
  • Non-descriptive or Misleading Anchor Text – Anchor text should describe the content of the page being linked.
  • Non-HTML Email Addresses – Email addresses should be noted using the mailto option in the A tag.
  • Overuse & Abuse of Advertising – If your site makes use of advertising it should flow within the site and be unobtrusive.
  • Overuse of Social Media – Your site navigation should not be a laundry list of social networking site links.
  • “Mystery Meat” Navigation – Using flashy navigation only works if each item still has a clear purpose.
  • Unlabeled Media Links – If you’re linking to PDFs, videos or other media, indicate this in the link text.

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