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Classroom Technology for the Future

Classroom Technology for the Future

The use of technology can enhance the learning process making topics easier to cover, and aiding students in digesting complex information. Technology can reduce the time spent trying to convey details, making larger points easier. Also, more and more traditional careers require more extensive use of technology, and exposure to technology helps prepare students for this reality. The following are some ways to enhance the classroom experience using technology.


Computers are among the easiest way to implement technology in the classroom. In addition to displaying lesson related information, and allowing for the searching of information, computers can help organize students. Further, computers can display class related materials in several formats, which make it easier for students to view critical concepts.


Projectors have been a staple of education for some time, however modern projectors are at least as important and useful as computers. Modern projectors can show slides, and transparencies as well as interface with computers. This enables teaching professionals to draw from an array of multimedia sources in planning lessons.


Elmos are a type of presentation system designed specifically for teachers. Elmos involve a document camera, a projector, and often an interactive whiteboard. They can also interface with other devices like a computer, or a microscope, or a keyboard. This allows a vast amount of multimedia to be presented easily, and without hanging between several devices. Elmos are a high-resolution overhead projector replacement, which enables teaching professionals to incorporate a rich array of media into their lessons.

SMART Boards

Smart boards are interactive white boards. These typically involve a presentation system or monitor, and a writing slate enabling teachers, students, or both, to modify the information presented on the monitoring system. Because these may be multi user, and are digital, and do not require supplies like markers or erasers, these are ideal for classroom use. SMART boards may also interface with document cameras, remotes, or computers similar to Elmos.

Professional Development Resources

It is important for teaching professionals to keep up to date on technological possibilities in lesson preparation and use in lessons. The following resources discuss specifically how to implement Computers, Projectors, Elmos, and Smart Boards into lessons, and lesson planning.

  • Teaching with Computers: An Analysis
  • The SMARTBoard: Utilizing SMARTBoards for educators
  • Elmos: A Detailed Guide
  • Innovations in Teaching With Computers: What Works, What Does not
  • Teaching & Computers: Could Teaching Be Automated?
  • Wireless Education & Technology: Integrating Broadband Technology into the Classroom
  • Internet 2: Faster Internet for Educational Institutions

Technology is a part of today’s world. In order to prepare students for the world, they need to be exposed to the latest technologies on a daily basis in classrooms. Computers, projectors, Elmos, and SMART boards are some current technologies available for classrooms. Tomorrow may bring new technologies, built off of those existing today.

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