Sound System Rentals

Short-term PA sound system rentals, setup, delivery & onsite support

  • Largest selection of PA systems for professional meetings and events in the industry
  • Sound system rentals for any audience size
  • Include speakers, cabling, and your choice of microphone(s)
  • Choose from existing PA system packages or create a custom solution
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates
  • Nationwide setup, delivery, and 24/7 support

Meeting Tomorrow offers:

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Sound system and PA system rentals

Service by room type

Private dining room

Microphone & speaker packages for small dinner meetings, sales presentations, pharma/CME.

Starting at $1,200

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Banquet Room Speaker Rentals

Banquet room package

Audio equipment and onsite support for seated meal banquet-style room layouts.

Starting at $2,500

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Standard Meeting Room Speaker Rentals

Standard meeting room

Full equipment & support for classroom-style room layouts from 50-1,000+ attendees.

Starting at $2,100

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Open Event Space Speaker Rentals

Open event space

Sound packages for experiential events, cocktail receptions and open-layout event spaces.

Starting at $2,100

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Panel discussion

Equipment and support package for moderated panel discussions with audience Q&A.

Starting at $2,600

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Multi-participant Meeting Speaker Rentals

Multi-participant meeting

Equipment and support when many (or every) participant needs a microphone.

Starting at $3,000

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Press Conference Speaker Rentals

Press conferences

Complete equipment and onsite support package for a press conference anywhere.

Starting at $2,600

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Outdoor Event Speaker Rentals

Outdoor events

Speaker systems and onsite support services for outdoor event amplification.

Starting at $1,200

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PA system rentals

Amplified speaker systems that include microphones.

Small PA RentalsMedium PA Rentals Large PA Rentals


Small Meeting PA system

Medium Group PA system

Large Group PA system

Pricing$195/day or $390/wk (plus delivery)$285/day or $570/wk (plus delivery)$345/day or $690/wk (plus delivery)
Audience sizeup to 50up to 200up to 350
Microphone Options
Wired handheldCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Wireless handheldCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Wireless lapelCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Recommended uses
SpeakingCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Music amplificationCheck mark symbol
Battery poweredCheck mark symbol
Total wattage60150600

Sound system rentals

Everything you need for connecting computers and other sources to a speaker system. Does not include microphones.

Small Venue Sound System RentalsMedium Sound System RentalsLarge Venue Sound System Rentals

Small Venue Sound System

Medium Venue Sound System

Large Venue Sound System

Pricing$125/day or $250/wk (plus delivery)$275/day or $550/wk (plus delivery)$325/day or $650/wk (plus delivery)
Audience sizeup to 50up to 200up to 350
Recommended uses
Presentation audioCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Background musicCheck mark symbolCheck mark symbol
Music amplificationCheck mark symbol
Number of audio inputs
Number of speakers122
Total wattage50150600
Choosing a sound system

Not sure which PA system is right for your meeting or event?

Watch the video to see what you need and what you don’t as we walk you through how to choose a PA system and sound system.

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"Win/win!! They were my ally the entire time when negotiating with the hotel. During the event, the team was always available but never in the way of all the craziness. Because of Meeting Tomorrow, we saved 40k and the event went off without a hitch!"
Staci McMenimon, Glassdoor Enablement Leader

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"Thank you so much for your work this past weekend and on the entire project. You guys were 110% invested in the success of the event. That definitely helped decrease our stress. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your tireless effort and dedication."
Magnetar Youth Investment Academy

Audio Visual Production Company

"Our previous computer and tech supply company was renting us old and dilapidated equipment with mediocre service. With their exceptional customer service and high quality equipment, Meeting Tomorrow has made World Dairy Expo a customer for life!"
Liz Matzke, Attendee Services Manager

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