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Digital Performance Art

Digital Performance Art

Digital performance art is still a new medium that is often discussed in the media. There are only a handful of colleges and universities encouraging their students to try this type of work and even fewer that offer a program in the field.

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) was one of the first schools to offer a degree in Digital Media, which many students use to study this type of art and create their own projects with specialized computers.

Many view the work of Fabian Wagmister as the founder of digital performance art. A large scale project was launched by him in 1999 in Germany. That work led to a larger piece entitled Time and Time Again, which allowed users to interface with the project. Lynn Hershman also took part in this project and today teaches digital performance art to college students.

Jeff Burke works for UCLA and was one of the founders of the Digital Media program. He is also in charge of the HyperMedia Studios, which exists on campus as a research institute devoted to new forms of media. He gave an in depth interview to Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodiment and Technologyto discuss the future of digital performance art.

Lynn Hershman gave an interview to Seed Magazinewhere she discussed her work in regards to digital performance art. She speaks with the interviewer about how her early work was discredited and how it took her years to break into the mainstream art world. HyperMedia Studios lists an in depth biography of Fabian Wagmister who worked with Hershman on Time and Time Again, which many view as the first project of this kind.

An extensive biography of Lynn Hershman is available at Langlois Foundation In addition to the biography, they have also included several still shots of her different work over the years. It’s best to watch and view digital performance art rather than read through pages to really understand it. The Marcel Project contains links to some specific types of digital performance art.

As the mainstream art world began embracing these artists, bloggers have stepped forward to follow the work of the artists. New Art often lists pictures and information on new projects and current exhibits from around the world.

The Digital Media page is another place to gather more information on similar projects, especially in their blog area. The Digital Performance Archive is another invaluable resource. This website is focused on compiling an extensive list of all digital performance pieces done around the world. This includes any type of performance done that incorporates digital media in any way.

Lynn Hershman is viewed as one of the founders of digital performance art. In 2007 she filmed Strange Culture. This film incorporates elements of her previous work and involved some famous celebrities including Tilda Swinton and Peter Coyote. The website allows users to download trailers and watch part of the movie.

There is also the Digital Performance Institute, which focuses on this type of artwork. The website includes images and information relating to current and past residents

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