Web/Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries

Web/Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries

Internet and computer language can be overwhelming and confusing. Even the hippest web users sometimes need to look up the various abbreviations, colloquialisms, and names in order to have a clue. Before you answer that email with a clueless "?" try to find the answer for yourself.

Below is a compilation of Internet dictionaries and glossaries to help you define terms and get a better grasp on the World Wide Web. It's no longer hip to be square!

You don't need to embrace trends to stay current, but make yourself fluent in new technologies -- especially if you use them in your business or networking.

Glossary of Internet Terms - Search the terms by alphabetical order. This is a huge listing of terms and definitions.

Technical Operations of the Internet - If you are unsure of the technical jargon you see on the Internet, this website can help.

Geek Glossary Search - Is there a specific word you don't know? This website allows you to enter a term and search for a definition.

Web Jargon - This University has put together a list of common web terms that may be misunderstood or confusing.

Computer and Internet Terms - Another great collection of terms and definitions arranged alphabetically.

Internet Algorithms and Structures - Ever wonder how search engines work? This dictionary of algorithms can explain a lot.

Web Dictionary - This dictionary contains more complicated words for the advanced Internet user.

Net Lingo - Internet lingo. It includes a "word of the day" definition.

Search Engine Terms - The Internet is based largely on search engine use. This glossary defines the key terms of search engines.

Online Computer Dictionary - This dictionary provides terms and definitions for both computer and Internet words.

Computer Rentals and Services - A list of computer equipment available for rent.

Technical Glossary - Find your most difficult Internet and technical terms defined here.

Terms and Definitions - This University has made a great collection of terms and definitions, in addition to Internet searching strategies.

Popular Internet Terms - This website not only defines Internet terms, but allows you to click on each term and get a more in-depth definition.

Internet101 - Learn the basics on all Internet facets from this website.

The Internet Dictionary Project - This is a user-generated internet glossary with tons of terms

WWW Terms and Definitions - Not sure what all of the acronyms and Internet jargon stands for? This website does a great job of explaining it.

Hypertext Terms - This organization sets the standards for all Internet usage. Study this entire website for great information.

Intro to the Internet - Not only is this website a good starting point for beginners, but it delves into more advanced terminology.

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