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Custom Laptop Imaging Services

Call (877) 633-8866 for bulk imaging of PC and Mac computers for trainings, meetings, and events. Nationwide deployment, setup, and 24/7 technical support.

Laptop Imaging and Customization

We’re the best solution for rapid deployment of bulk laptop computer rentals for user conferences, training and other corporate events. Get all your documents, pictures, videos, or specific software on your rented devices, including 3rd party applications. Computer security configurations are available such as WiFi, email configurations, browser settings, and website restrictions.

custom laptop imaging

Branding and Laptop Imaging

We take a snapshot of your ideal laptop settings and software, then deploy this across an unlimited number of devices. If you need impactful branding we can customize wallpapers, backgrounds, and logos to fit your needs.

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Fast Deployment and Tech Support

Our deployment team specializes in imaging laptops and we have the largest quantity of laptops available for rent. We have 24/7 event support and the largest network of on-site technicians to help with deployment at multiple locations.

laptop and ipad customization service

Tablet Friendly

If you’re not sure which device is best suited for your event, we can help select from the largest number of iPads for rent in the industry and offer imaging services for handheld devices too.

pre-install ms office laptop rentals

Microsoft Office Installation

Easily get MS Office Standard or Professional pre-installed on all your PC laptop rentals. We can also pre-install other software on your rental PCs, including 3rd party applications with custom profile settings.

computer imaging services and delivery

Direct to Employees and Students

We can ship directly to each of your individual employees and students all across the country so you don’t have to worry about logistics. Prefer to handle distribution yourself? We can ship everything to your central location instead.

computer custom imaging with wifi

WiFi Internet Solutions

Cradlepoint routers, 4G aircards, and networking help so your users stay connected. We can install security settings and website restrictions, plus set up WiFi credentials in advance on all your computer rentals.

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“Our previous computer and tech supply company was renting us old and dilapidated equipment with mediocre service. With their exceptional customer service and high-quality equipment, Meeting Tomorrow has made World Dairy Expo a customer for life!”

Liz Matzke, Attendee Services Manager, World Dairy Expo

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Laptop Rental Customization and Delivery

We’re the best solution for fast computer rentals for conferences and professional events anywhere in North America. We can customize PC and Mac computers in many different ways, including:

  • Backgrounds and logos
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Software installation
  • Security settings
  • Hard drive encryption
  • Multiple user accounts


Laptop Custom Imaging Services FAQ

Yes, we’re industry experts in customizing laptop rentals with software, documents, wallpaper backgrounds, and custom settings. We can do it all, so your laptops arrive pre-loaded with everything you need, from Microsoft Office to 3rd party applications.

Google Chrome, Adobe PDF Reader, and VLC Media Player are some of the programs that come standard on our PC rentals. In addition, we’re able to add any software you need, including Microsoft Office, across large numbers of computers.

Each laptop rental comes with a protective sleeve and charging cable. In addition, we include spare laptops at no additional charge (quantity of spares depends on order size). Mice and mousepads are available by request.

Desktop computer rentals come with a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad.

Macbooks are typically leased to run specific software, or because some users may be more accustomed to them. Chromebooks are great for web-based uses and you can only run Google apps on them, where PC laptops are great for both internet and offline use with a much larger variety of software and customization options. Check out the table below for a general comparison.


Windows PC Chromebook MacBook Pro
A Windows PC laptop is probably the best fit for most people. It’s great for users who:

  • Will be browsing the internet
  • May need to use it offline (not connected to the internet)

Option to add Microsoft Office Standard is available.

Chromebooks are ideal for users who:

  • Only need web-based applications
  • Are comfortable working within Google apps
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Have a Google account/s
MacBook Pros are best suited for users who need them to run specific software. To note:

  • Video editing and graphic design software is not installed on any of our devices, including MacBook Pros.

Option to add Microsoft Office Standard is available.


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