led walll rental for trade show
10’ x 10’ LED Wall

Actual dimensions: 9.8’ x 9.8’

Pixel pitch:
3.9mm or lower
starting at $12,600

2.9mm or lower
starting at $13,400

led panel wall rentals
16’ x 9’ LED Wall

Actual dimensions: 16.4’ x 9.8’

Pixel pitch:
3.9mm or lower
starting at $15,900

2.9mm or lower
starting at $17,100

led display wall rental
20’ x 12’ LED Wall

Actual dimensions: 21.3’ x 13.1’

Pixel pitch:
3.9mm or lower
starting at $22,320

2.9mm or lower
starting at $24,200

custom led wall display rental
Custom Size LED Screen

Don’t see the size or pixel pitch you’re looking for?

We can build custom indoor or outdoor LED walls in any size or shape for your event or trade show.

Rent LED Walls in any City Nationwide

In every city in the country, we provide exceptional service and LED panels from top brands including Absen, Planar, Unilumin, ROE, and more.

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led wall rental ground support

Ground Support

Floor mounts for LED video walls at or above eye level.

led screen truss mount

Existing Truss

Mount LED video walls on truss you already have in place. We can also set up new truss.

led wall rental handing mount


Hanging displays for video walls. Professional installation.

led wall rental


  • Trade Shows – Grab attendees’ attention with immersive, engaging backdrops that show off your videos or other content. We also build custom options for concept-based booths.
  • Corporate Events – LED video walls are amazing tools for increasing brand awareness and visibility as well as creating sponsorship opportunities.
  • Concerts and Live Shows – Take performances to the next level by integrating an LED wall as an engaging, dynamic backdrop.
  • Outdoor Events – Waterproof and sturdy, LED video walls are great options for outdoor events. We can create custom walls for outdoor events with unmatched brightness and visibility.
  • Marketing Events – LED walls create a modern, interactive feel and have unlimited creative potential for experiential marketing events.


We work with you to make sure everything on your LED display wall looks sharp and professional at your event. Based on your content, we will recommend the best pixel resolution to use, including:

  • 2.5mm
  • 2.6mm
  • 2.8mm
  • 2.9mm
  • 3.9mm
  • and more
led panel wall rental


We have turnkey LED wall rentals with prices starting at $12,600. Exact pricing depends on size, mounting options, resolution, and rental duration. We can also create custom size LED walls — just call (877) 633-8866 and we’re happy to put a quote together for you.

Pixel pitch describes the distance between pixels on an LED display and is indicative of resolution. Each pixel on an LED wall looks like a tiny light. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer each pixel is to another, resulting in a higher resolution. For large stage setups and/or when viewing 10ft or more away, we recommend around 3.9mm pixel pitch. If you’re in a close viewing space like a tradeshow booth or have super detailed image expectations, we recommend 2.9mm or lower.

If your desired display is bigger than 10ft wide, it’s best to rent an LED video wall. If your display is less than 10ft wide, you may want to rent an LCD video wall or large LCD/LED TV. If your event is outside during the day, an LED wall is also the best option for brightness and visibility.

There are big differences between LED and LCD video walls. Think of LED video walls like a giant Light-Brite — they’re made of thousands of illuminated pixels, meaning they’ll look best from further away. Meanwhile, LCD video walls are made of high definition LCD screens similar to TV screens you’re familiar with. LCD video walls will have thin seams called “bezels,” and can’t be used outdoors.

Once you decide on the exact size of your LED wall, a graphic designer, video editor, or other specialist can convert your slideshow, video, photos, or other content into the correct resolution. We are happy to help advise you on content so that it will show up sharp and correctly sized on the day of your event.

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